Twelve Days of Stalemate!


Oct 12th, 2013

Twelve Days of Stalemate!

It probably isn't for me to provide a commentary on our dysfuntional, demoralizing democracy - or rather our dysfunctional, demoralizing and self-serving politicians, but what about the National interest?

Well at least some agencies have the right idea – Utah has side-stepped the stalemate and has agreed to pay the NPS $166,572 per day for up to 10 days to open 5 National Parks, and 3 other nationally run facilities.  Utah’s Governor Gary Herbert said: “The World should know that Utah is open for business and visitors are welcome”.  His math is sound, Utah typically has a yield of $100 million from October visitors, so an outlay of $1.67 million to reopen the parks in order to keep business running and reap a cool profit for the State is extremely sensible.  Now isn’t that the way that all government spending should work?

Bravo Utah, and the 3 other States that have made similar moves to open The Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore and the Statue of Liberty – there’s an irony, and keep functioning even when the Federal government won’t.

I have now been furloughed for a week, but have enjoyed putting my September images through my foolproof must-have Lightroom workflow.  I hope you enjoy the results …




Mr Primary Bull's reaction to a shutdown!







Visitors on Lockdown
Mammoth Hot Spring's Post Office



One Solution to an unplanned furlough.





Two not essential run for Utah,


While some scratch heads,



Others look for the right path,


more run determinedly with the rut







and a few stay calm and carry on.








Let's hope we can come together soon!





Next up, South Africa!