Blogging the Blog - National Wildlife Week


Mar 25th, 2016

Blogging the Blog - National Wildlife Week

Jessie Yuhaniak is the Senior Manager of Marketing for National Wildlife Federation, and to spread the word about the wonderful work of the Federation she recently wrote a number of Blogs to highlight the events of National Wildlife Week.  One of those blogs followed a conversation we had about my work in wildlife photography and what it means to be a member of NWF.  Here's how it went ...

Actually, it's far easier if I direct you to Jessie's own Blog - National Wildlife Week.

Also thought you might like to know that they used my innocent-looking, flower-smelling grizzly.   He was far from innocent, having just terrorized a Black Bear sow and her two cubs and driven them up a tree.  Appearances can be deceptive, particularly with wildlife.




Cindy Goeddel, photographed by Vicki Athens.


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