Three Owl Days


Jun 4th, 2012

Three Owl Days


Before you and I get caught up in something else, I can't let you forget about the best birding time of the year.  So, Three Owls??  Burrowing, Long-eared and Great Horned to be exact.

While some bemoan the schizophrenic weather that is Spring in the Rockies, for both birders and photographers, it is the best of seasons; down in Pinedale with Betty - a fine friend, fantastic photographer and a formidable naturalist - I had the best of times.  Four days of 4:00am wake-ups and 9:00 pm suppers, in between exploring a fascinating variety of diverse habitats and photographing their feathered residents as they gamely set about the business of mating, nesting and parenting.







Aside from our daily 3 Owl fix, our sightings included:  Ruby Crowned Kinglets defending their territory, Ruffed Grouse drumming from boulders, a Mallard sitting on 11 eggs, a Meadowlark's well hidden grassy nest, White Pelicans on the Green River, Sage Thrashers singing loudly to the dawn, Red-naped Sapsuckers, Flickers, Osprey, Raven, Trumpeter Swans, Great Blue Herons, Warblers ...Wrens ... Cranes ... and …. I better stop!  As we wandered amongst Sage and Arrowleaf Balsamroot, shimmering Aspens, cone-topped conifers, old craggy Cottonwoods and messy bottomlands, we listened and observed, learning so much from nature.