Group Tours

Group Tours

Join Cindy for an Unforgettable Yellowstone Photo Workshop.

If you wish to reserve a space for any Tour please Contact Cindy


Yellow​stone Winter Wonderland Workshop 2018 No1    Details    Sold Out
Dates:  January 6 - 14, 2018  (9 days/8 nights)
Tour size:  Cindy plus 7 people          
Optional Add-on:  January 15-16, 2018 - 16 hour Lightroom Classic Workflow Workshop

Yellow​stone Winter Wonderland Workshop 2018 No2    Details    Sold Out
Dates:  January 22 - 29, 2018  (8 days/7 nights)
Tour size:  Cindy plus 7 people                                         
Optional Add-on:  January 30-31, 2018 - 16 hour Lightroom Classic Workflow Workshop

Yellowstone Spring Babies & Bears    Details    Sold Out
Dates:  May 23-28, 2018
Tour Size:  Cindy plus 5 people



Yellow​stone Winter Wonderland Workshop 2019 No1    Details    Sold Out
Dates:  January 5-12, 2019 (8 days/7 nights)
Tour size:  Cindy plus 7 people

Yellow​stone Winter Wonderland Workshop 2019 No2    Details    Sold Out
Dates:  January 22-29, 2019 (8 days/7 nights)
Tour size:  Cindy plus 7 people
Optional Add-on:  January 30-31 & February 1, 2019 - 24 hour Lightroom Classic Workflow Workshop

Yellow​stone Winter Wonderland Workshop 2019 No3    Details    4 Spaces Left
Dates:  February 8-15, 2019 (8 days/7 nights)
Tour size:  Cindy plus 7 people

Yellowstone Spring Babies & Bears        Sold Out
Dates:  May 16-22, 2019
Tour Size:  Cindy plus 5 people



Yellow​stone Winter Wonderland Workshop 2019 No1    Details
Dates:  January 4-11, 2020 (8 days/7 nights)
Tour size:  Cindy plus 7 people


Why Not Your Very Own Group Tour?

Why not talk to Cindy about putting together a Group Tour for 4-6 people?

  • A group of like-minded colleagues who want to explore the seasons of Yellowstone, or just get off the beaten track?
  • Organizing a trip for your photography club?
  • A bunch of friends who just want to up their game in photography?

Group Tours are limited to a maximum of 6 participants to ensure that everyone receives the necessary one-to-one attention.

Typical Yellowstone Group Tour Itineraries that could be arranged:

Spring (May-Jun) – Extreme Landscapes, Spring Babies & Bears     Details

Summer (Jul-Aug) – Wildlife & Wild Flowers     Details

Fall (Sep-Oct) – Bugling Elk & Autumn Colors     Details 

Day 7 - 8Optional Adobe Lightroom Classic Workflow Workshop available for most tours.

To Reserve a Group Yellowstone Photography Tour go to Contact.

A Suggestion.  Some Trips sell out a year ahead, so it is wise to book as soon as you can.  I would hate someone who was interested in a trip to miss out.

What People Have Said So Far in 2018:

Of the Yellow​stone Winter Wonderland Workshop 2018 No2:

Thank you so much for one of the best photo tours I have ever been on.  This trip exceeded my wildest expectations!  Can't believe we had 3 days with wolves!!  Your skills as a naturalist and photography instructor are unsurpassed.  I love your energy and enthusiasm and passion.  Your Lightroom Course was exactly what I needed to learn to edit and organize my photos.  Hoping to travel with you again.

                    Virginia Huang.   Woodland, Washington.

Of the Yellow​stone Winter Wonderland Workshop 2018 No1:

I want to thank you for a well-organized and thoughtful trip.  I realize, and appreciate, how much time, effort and PASSION you put into your work; believe me, it truly shows. Some photographers over-charge for trips, then just set their clients free without much guidance - you are quite the opposite and that’s simply wonderful for your clients.  I mean, breakfast burritos, snack bags, home-made dinners at your friend’s house … Wow!  Then there’s the actual photography part.  You put all of us in the position to capture lifetime images and gave consistent support, criticism and guidance which, coming from such an accomplished photographer, added tremendous value to the trip.  I got so much out of the critique sessions, way more than I ever anticipated.  Being surrounded by such experienced photographers and genuinely nice people was a joy, and deconstructing our photos took it to another level.  I’ve always paid attention to composition, but for some reason your concept of “border patrol” really resonated with me and I found myself consciously thinking about this while photographing and while editing.  As a result, my photographs from the trip reflect this, much to my pleasure. 

Thanks again for a fantastic trip.  You are a hard-working person with a love of photography that simply radiates from you.  Doesn’t get much better in my book!

                    Robert & Sharell Katibah.   Fair Oaks, California.

What People Said in 2017:

Of the 2017 Yellowstone & Grand Teton Autumn Workshop:

You worked tirelessly to guide us through the workshop and shared a tremendous amount of knowledge along the way, not just limited to photography, though that was substantive.  I am in awe of your expertise and your energy!  Thank you for a wonderful experience.

                    Evie Ausen.   Liberty, Missouri.

Of the 2017 Spring Babies and Bears Workshop:  

Having just finished my fourth Photography Workshop with you, it’s obvious that I think you are the best!  I’ve taken many other workshops and never learned nearly as much as I have from you; I finally really understand exposure and now take better pictures in Manual mode than my camera ever took in Program mode.   You make it fun and challenging and do your best to ensure that we, your students, get as many opportunities as possible to photograph the amazing scenes and animals that make up Yellowstone. 
Additionally, your Lightroom workflow is a fantastic process that has made it possible for me to cull and organize the thousands of photos that have been sitting on my computer.  I finally feel like I have some control over the inventory, and am able to easily select photos for my new website.  
Thank you for your generosity, passion and energy!

                    Windy Warner.   Dallas, Texas.

Here are some thoughts on why Donna and I think your tours are incredible, we hope you never change. 
First, your knowledge and respect for Yellowstone, whether it’s the history of a specific area or the respect shown for the animals and rangers, we soaked it all up.   The animals are the reason we go to Yellowstone so to see them treated with respect and learn how to treat them is very fulfilling - positive skills that we’ll take back home. 
Second, your desire to teach us to be better photographers is most rewarding.  you push, pull, or carry us to better photography while teaching new ideas and techniques.  Our photography skills have definitely increased and improved with your instruction.
Finally, the organized Lightroom skills we learned from you are a huge benefit, Cindy's system is world class.  We learned how to address our files, label and produce the pictures with ease.  We gained so much confidence, our thousands of photos are now literally at our fingertips.  We save time, plus our pictures look great and continue to improve.

PS:  The homemade granola and yogurt is awesome, but it’s not why we tour.

                    Gordon & Donna Bode.   Bartlesville, Oklahoma.

I feel very fortunate to have gone on tours with Cindy for three years now.  I had a dream of photographing wildlife, and I was blown away by how much I learned and enjoyed on the first trip with her.
Three years later, I am still learning!  Cindy has a way of teaching that is so inspiring!  She really wants everyone in the group to “get it”, and is excited when we do!  She has a huge amount of knowledge about the ecosystem in Yellowstone, and her knowledge and intuition about the potential places of where the wildlife may be is amazing!  Her ethics on not disturbing the wildlife is of the upmost importance at all times, as is our safety.  
Along with all of that, she has a great sense of humor.  Her tours are so much fun!!!  I have met some wonderful people from many places around the country!  I will continue to sign up for more, as I am a continuing “repeat offender”!

                    Lori Leaver.   Nine Mile Falls, Washington.

Of Yellowstone Winter Wonderland 2017:  

Three points:  Cindy is a no-nonsense professional who will force you to become better at wildlife photography, whether you like it or not!  If you want a once-in-a-lifetime photography experience, go with Cindy Goeddel into Yellowstone's valleys and bring your camera; you will never forget it.  For you wildlife photography enthusiasts out there, Cindy Goeddel's Yellowstone experience is one you cannot miss.

                    Norm Woodworth.  New York.

The 2017 Winter Yurt  Group Tour was my second trip with Cindy.  My husband and I did a private tour during the fall of 2012 in Yellowstone and the Grand Teton with her.  As a beginner in using a DSLR camera, I learned so much about photography on that fall trip.  When I did this winter trip with a group, I refreshed some of the skills I had learned in 2012, but learned even more about photographing Yellowstone in the winter white.  What makes Cindy's photography tours so memorable is that she also teaches you about Yellowstone's natural history, from the animal behaviors to the different landscape formations in the park.  She is respectful of the natural habitats of wildlife in Yellowstone and the Grand Teton, making it possible to photograph the flora and fauna without drastically disturbing their habitat.  Her tours are well planned so that each day is filled with great opportunities to photograph one of our national treasures, Yellowstone National Park.

                    Mimi Valdecanas.   Atlanta, GA.

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