Yellowstone Photography Workshops

Yellowstone Photography Workshops

Custom Yellowstone Photography Tours

  • Workshops Tailored to your Personal Goals and Skill Levels.
  • Intensive - Beginning before sun-up and ending after sundown.
  • Eat, breathe, discuss and shoot Yellowstone.

For Details of outstanding opportunities to learn and grow as a photographer, to discover the benefits of Digital Asset Management and to have fun doing it, go to Custom Tours.

Group Yellowstone Photography Tours

  • Yellowstone Photography Workshops Throughout the Year.
  • Intensive photography instruction in the wonders of Yellowstone.
  • Advanced compositional and creative techniques.
  • Take creative control - take your camera off Automatic!

For details, dates and itineraries go to Group Tours.

Both Types of Tour give an outstanding and privileged insight into the wonders of Yellowstone, and provide well-tried and highly effective instruction in nature photography.

Whether novices or professionals you will have a fabulous experience.

Learn about the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem.

Cindy Goeddel Photography, LLC is an authorized permittee of the National Park Service.

Yellowstone in a Different Light