Adobe Lightroom Classic Instruction

Adobe Lightroom Classic Instruction

Digital Workflow for Photographers - Adobe Lightroom Classic

You Will Learn:

  • To keep every image you shoot organized and archived.
  • To quickly process your files and optimize them to look fantastic.
  • To add metadata and key-wording.
  • To make custom templates work for you.
  • To expertly size, sharpen and export images for the web or fine art printing.
  • To instantly find any image in your collection.
  • To migrate images from Aperture, iPhoto and your old Lightroom Catalogs.
  • To upload all your old images and organize them in Lightroom.

Cindy offers 3 options for learning Adobe Lightroom Classic:

  • Three-day Lightroom Classic Workshops in Bozeman – intensive, hands-on and limited to six participants.

  • Individual Tuition within the Bozeman area.
  • Individual Remote Tuition via screen sharing, from the comfort of your own home.

Whichever Method You Choose, you will learn a proven workflow for Digital Asset Management using Adobe Lightroom Classic.  You will greatly increase your creativity, and maximize your time and resources regardless of the type of photography you specialize in.  Not only that, it is fun!

For Individual Tuition, a structured program is tailored to your needs and can include such capabilities as customized workflow charts, web publishing and linkage to Adobe Photoshop.

To Use Adobe Lightroom Classic You Don’t Have to be a Professional Photographer with years of experience, nor do you need to struggle to learn its enormous capability.

For Details and Dates of the Three-day Workshop  -  go to Classes.

To Book a Lightroom Classic Course, local or remote individual sessions, or ask any questions Contact Cindy.

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