Second Spring


Oct 28th, 2013

Second Spring

Cape Town, a stunning, diverse and intriguing city.   How could anyone resist the allure of two oceans, endless coastline, moody mountains, intoxicating wine-lands and the smallest, but richest floral kingdom on earth?  I’ve been here just over a week and am already emotionally joined to this tiny sliver of land on the South Western tip of Africa.

Another powerful attraction …

Spring has sprung twice for me this year and I am so appreciative.  It’s Springtime in Africa and many of the Cape birds and mammals are busy feeding and rearing their young. 

Observing and photographing Cape Sugarbirds, Sunbirds, White-eyes, Waxbills and Karoo Prinias amongst the floristically diverse and multicolored fynbos is nothing short of spectacular.


Out on Glencairn Vlei, Cape Weaver, Spotted Thick-knee, Blacksmith Lapwing, Spotted Mousebird, Boubou, Waxwing and Grassbird live in a marshy, reedy, sandy habitat just upstream of the Atlantic. 







I could go on and on about the birds, in fact the Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve at less than 20,000 acres has a bird checklist 917 species long!

Here I saw my first Wild Ostrich,

and other non-avian firsts have included ...

the agile Dassie, Chacma Baboons, endangered Bontebok and the beautiful Red Hartebeest. 






As for the African Penguin - formerly known as the non-PC Jackass Penguin because of its distinctive call, there have been several evenings laughing and photographing their antics at a place called Boulders by Simon’s Town.

Kirstenbosch Gardens, which includes a world-class arboretum, boasted not only floral and passerine bird delights, but also a pair of African Spotted Owls and their two chicks, which entertained for two days.


Next up a seven-day adventure in Kruger National Park.  Keep your fingers crossed for a next blog that features bigger wildlife!


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