About Cindy Goeddel

About Cindy Goeddel

Cindy Goeddel ~ Biography

Cindy Goeddel is a professional photographer, naturalist, hiker, guide and student of ecology with a fascination for the wonders that abound in Yellowstone National Park.  Her passion lies in creating images that convey the story, mood and spirit of wild places and creatures, and in inspiring others to humbly protect the wilderness and land we all share.

A Lifelong Wilderness Enthusiast, backpacker and backcountry skier, she began her photographic career in 2005, undertook a mentorship with Tom Murphy in 2008 and is now internationally known for her photography and her ability to instil in others her passion for the wild and for mastering the techniques of wildlife photography.  Cindy leads photography tours in Yellowstone National Park and, as an Adobe Certified Expert, is able to provide the ultimate in digital asset management and workflow training using Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop.

Her Images are Published in National Wildlife, Audubon Magazine, Montana Outdoors, Montana Quarterly, Montana Magazine, Greater Yellowstone Advocate and many other publications.  Her fine art photographs are in numerous private, non-profit and academic collections.  She is an instructor with the Yellowstone Association Institute.

Book Collaboration

Yellowstone's Wildlife in Transition.   White P. J., Garrott R. A. & Plumb G. E; Photographs by Cindy Goeddel. Harvard University Press ( April 2013), ISBN 9780674073180.


'Best in Show' in 'Showcase 2016' of the North American Nature Photography
Association (NANPA), Mammals Category.

'First Place' in the 2015 'National Wildlife Federation' Photo Competition, Mammals Division.

'Grand Prize' in the 2015 Wyoming Wildlife Photography Contest, Wildlife Category. 

'Best in Show' in 'Showcase 2015' of the North American Nature Photography
Association (NANPA), Mammals Category.

'Honorable Mention & Judges Selection for Cover Photograph' in the 2014 Wyoming Wildlife Photography Competition.

'Second Prize' in 'Share the View 2014' of the Audubon Society of Greater Denver.

'Top 100 Image' in the 2012 Audubon Magazine Annual Photographic Awards.

‘First’ in the 2009 National Wildlife International Photography Contest, Plants and Landscape Professional Division.

‘Best Photo’ in the 2009 Banff Mountain Photography Competition, Mountain Flora and Fauna Category.

‘Highly Commended’ in the 2009 CIWEM Environmental Photographer of the Year, Natural World Category.


Winter in Yellowstone

Yellowstone in Deepest Winter.  Follow Cindy, see the battle for survival, feel the emotion - and the cold; it's awe-inspiring!

Pecha Kucha Bozeman:  The Bozeman Owl - Animal Behaviour - & Me

In April 2013, Cindy presented at the 7th Bozeman Pecha Kucha at the Ellen Theatre, relating how she came to be caught lurking in the bushes behind the Library by a Librarian!  
Curious?  Take a look, it's a fun presentation!

The French Connect with Yellowstone and Guide Cindy Goeddel

Cindy has 7 hours to guide a TV crew from the French travel program 'Echappees Belles' on a whistlestop tour through Yellowstone.

Heading to Yellowstone National Park

Join Cindy on a tour of Yellowstone National Park and see what it is all about.

Lightroom Training with Cindy Goeddel

Learn why you need to be organized from some who have been!

Yellowstone National Park Ecology

Professor Bob Garrott of the Ecology Department of Montana State University talks about ecology in Yellowstone and the role of photography.

Artist Statement

I Photograph What I Experience, both visually and viscerally, focusing on the story, mood and spirit of wild places and their creatures – themes that reflect the rhythm and harmony of the land and its inhabitants.  Wilderness and wild places are disappearing at an alarming rate for reasons that are neither compelling nor sound; my photographs come from a combination of my joy at all things wild and my grief at seeing it fade irretrievably away.

Yellowstone ~ sacred, beautiful, mysterious, harsh, unpredictable ~ is an ‘Exaltation of Wonders’, a photographic journey reflecting my love and concern for the World’s first National Park that I began in 2006 and which continues ……

Passionate in all she does




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